About Lend a Paw

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    SERVING THE COMMUNITY                                                                                                              

    Since 2005 LEND A PAW Therapy Dogs have been committed to serve greater Los Angeles by enhancing the lives of individuals experiencing physical, mental, emotional or life challenges by providing canine assisted therapy services with Certified therapy dogs that offer assistance, warmth, compassion, unconditional love and a healing energy. Lend a Paw volunteers and their therapy dogs as teams visit hospitals, care facilities, special needs schools and City & State venues to provide healing. Interested volunteers may join the Lend A Paw program with their own dog after evaluation, training and certification. Contact LendAPaw@nlol.org for membership details and benefits.




    LEND A PAW also offers advanced training services to individuals who may benefit from the assistance of an Emotional Support dog for personal use or we may be able to train their dog for personal use. Contact training@nlol.org for          details on how  to obtain an Emotional Support dog(ESA) OR                    steps to evaluate, train and certify your dog for personal service.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


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