Achoo! Tis the Season of Allergies!

    Dogs get allergies just like humans! Itchy, watery eyes, red skin, drowsiness, and runny nose can be symptoms of a dog with allergies. After much needed rain in Southern California, grasses and wildflowers are exploding with colors, beauty, and pollen! If you notice any symptoms of allergies in your dog, speak with your vet about the best course of treatment. Many dogs are responsive to Benadryl to help relieve symptoms. Help reduce allergens for your dog by wiping their paws after they have been outside and washing any outdoor bedding or housing areas like dog houses down regulary. If your dog is experiencing wheezing, having difficulty eating, and seems lethargic, be sure to get them to your vet right away. Enjoy the short-lived spring season wtih your pet without allergies slowing you down!