Donation Items Needed for Office Renovation Project!

    The New Leash On Life staff is feeling motivated (as usual) and we have begun Fall cleaning! Specifically, we are undergoing an office renovation at the Ranch. We wanted to spruce up the space we spend time in, and, most importantly, where we serve you: our beloved clients.

    While we have accumulated various supplies, there are still some key items needed that would make our renovation complete!

    Worried that our tastes do not match yours? No problem! An office supply store gift card would be a great idea, too!

    Any donation made to New Leash On Life is tax deductible - a perfect way to end the 2015 tax year. In no particular order, items needed are:

    • Decorative rug - Large size
    • Mini refrigerator - A refrigerator in the office will clear up space in our main refrigerator for our volunteers' items and boarding dogs' items.
    • Air purifier - We love to have dogs join us in the office and keep us company. An air purifier will help remove dander and keep the air fresh.
    • Desks - Two office workstations, each large enough for a computer monitor, desk lamp, office supplies, etc. An L-shpaed desk would be a plus! Working keyboard drawers would also help, too!
    • Desk Lamps - Two
    • Office chairs - One
    • Chair mats - Two
    • Keyboard and mice sets - Two, preferably wireless
    • Cordless phones - As cheerful as staff are when we answer the phones, our little secret is that the corded phones we currently use belong in 1990, not 2015! We would like two cordless phones that have speakerphone, mulitple lines, and hold option capability.
    • Filing cabinets - Two, 3-4 drawer filing cabinets
    • Shelving/Wall Mounting Storage