Volunteer Spotlight - Zoey Zhu

Zoey began his volunteer work with us back in October and ever since then has been a regular visitor to our Ranch. There's nothing Zoey won't tackle when it comes to helping New Leash On Life and we're always thankful to see him. He volunteered the most hours out of any of our volunteers for the months of December and January; 18 total! To show our appreciation for his service with us we wanted to highlight him here. Thanks so much for your help Zoey, we are very fortunate to have you as a volunteer with our organization!

Pupdate: Adoptions and Fosters for December and January

This beautiful and unique looking girl is Daphne and wow did she have a long journey. It began first with her owner surrender at Castaic animal shelter. Surprisingly Daphne spent three long months at Castaic being overlooked each time for adoption. That's when Castaic called on us to come save her. Then, to our great surprise, Daphne sat here at New Leash for nine months. Nine!

January Tips

Training Tip of the Month

Having issues with your dog continuously digging up your back yard? Here are some tips to help dissuade him from turning your yard into the surface of the moon!

Your dog needs entertainment

Dogs may dig to entertain themselves when they learn that roots and soil "play back." Your dog may be digging for entertainment if: