Volunteer Spotlight

John has been a true delight of a volunteer since he started with us in early June. Not only did John perform the most hours for the month of July (15 total), he has also been a tremendously big help here at the Ranch doing some of our larger and more difficult projects. Just before committing to NLOL, he also worked hard in collaboration with one of our staff members to create our Volunteer Orientation Video, which we were really struggling without. He is always eager to help and never turns down even the toughest or grossest jobs we need help with.

Click, click, yum

Over the past several months, NLOL has begun to incorporate clicker training into our regular training and kennel routine. For those of you who may not be familiar with clicker training, it is a dog training system which is based on a positive reinforcement system with sound association and treats.

Volunteer Spotlight

Hi, I’m Maddie. I've been volunteering at New Leash On Life for a little more than a month. I have been looking for a first time job and realized that I had no experience whatsoever, so I started looking around. I wanted to find a no-kill shelter with just dogs. A friend of mine mentioned NLOL  and I was very interested. So I signed up for an orientation and was hooked right away! I have so many great things to say about New Leash On Life but, that would take hours to explain. One of many would be the staff!

June Adoptions and Fosters

It's official! MacGyver has been adopted! For those folks unfamiliar with MacGyver's journey, he had been with us since 2010 (count them; that's four years!). MacGyver (now Matt) went through several homes, three different training courses, and worked hard with NLOL trainers on a regular basis. Finally he found the home he'd been waiting for. He now lives with his new mommy who takes him on 4-5 walks per day and he happily chews on his favorite toys in his very own forever home. We miss him around here, but love that Matt has found his place.

May Adoptions and Fosters

Frazier was quite an amazing rescue. Just a puppy, Frazier had all the good nature, behavior and attitude of a much older dog. So much so that we considered using him for our Lend A Paw therapy dog program. Frazier came to us from the Lancaster shelter where they had picked him up as a stray. He had so many homes interested in adopting him it is a surprise that he even got out of isolation before he went home! But now he's in his perfect forever home where he can run and play with the kids and relax in the house with mom and dad. Congratulations Frazier!

Fundraisers Galore!

New Leash has been graciously chosen by multiple businesses and organizations to participate in fundraisers this year! More than ever, you can help raise much needed funds for the ranch by choosing any of the multiple fundraising events and promotions that NLOL is involved with. We are so humbled by our community and partners that they have reached out to us in the hopes of helping our rescues find loving homes. Take a look at the following fundraisers and click the link for more info on how to get involved!

Volunteer Spotlight

How long have you been volunteering with New Leash On Life?

1. I've been volunteering for about two months now.

What prompted you to volunteer with New Leash On Life and how did you hear about us?

2. I had to do ROP volunteer hours, and a friend of mine told me about how great NLOL was!

What is your favorite aspect of volunteering with us?

3. I love being hands on with the dogs, and being able to be apart of the whole adoption experience.