dog training


When you refer a friend to board, train, or daycare with us, your dog will receive a free activity during their next stay! Our activities include dog walking, dog park time, pool time, personal play, and doggy socialization! We greatly appreciate our clients and your continued business. Without you, we cannot continue rescuing homeless dogs from the shelters. Thank you for your support!


Indie, a young and beautiful Rottweiler, is boarding at our facility and is currently enrolled in our 4-week obedience boot camp! During Indie's stay, she receives three training sessions a day and is learning good doggy manners. The training consists of teaching dogs not to jump on people, walking politely on leash, sitting, staying, coming when called, and lying down. She is also being crate-trained during her stay with us to provide her owners with helpful tools to ensure Indie's continued success when she goes home.

To Crate or Not to Crate?

Here at NLOL, we often hear from dog owners that they are wary of using a crate for their dog because they feel that is cruel. And sometimes, we hear that some owners use crates as a form of punishing their dog. To help clarify the proper usage and purpose of crates, we provided some information that we hope will serve to educate those who may be uncertain whether a crate is right for their dog.


Saturday, January 28th is the start of 2017's basic obedience training classes! Is your pooch struggling with leash pulling, darting out doorways, or over-reacting around other dogs? Learn how to curb these behaviors by starting at square one! NLOL's basic six-week obedience course gives you and your dog the foundation necessary to address unwanted behaviors. Learning to speak your dog's language is key in communicating with them using positive reinforcement to get the results desired. Don't get frustrated, sign up for training today!




"My sister adopted both her dogs from New Leash. Based on her recommendation, we utilized their training services for our very energetic puppy (adopted). We were so happy and impressed with the training, that we started to board our dog with NLOL whenever we travel. All in all, we LOVE and highly recommend New Leash on Life.: Elaine K.    August 24, 2015 


I had a really good experience with NLOL.  It's sad because there are 20 great reviews that are not recommended by Yelp and don't factor into their overall rating. Anyways, our experience was easy and enjoyable.  A few months ago, we saw the dog we wanted online and turned in an application.  We visited her and a few days later we had a home visit and then we went and picked her up.  I called with concerns about two weeks after we had her, and they were so friendly and took the time to talk to me about the issues.