Saving the lives of homeless animals and improving the lives of people



    New Leash On Life Rescue Foundation was established in 1997 as a 501 c3 nonprofit with a mission to rescue homeless dogs from Los Angeles City and County shelters, rehabilitate them medically or behaviorally and re-home them with forever families.  New Leash On Life has a rich history in the community and the rescue and animal welfare industry such as spay and neuter for thousands of pets, rescue and re-home of over 5,000 dogs and providing programs and events to educate and train adults and children of the community on responsible pet ownership. Since 2002 we’ve operated on a beautiful 13-acre property with focus on our mission to save dogs and help people and actively support and contribute to the greater solution.


    Since 2005 our Lend A Paw program has trained volunteer handler & therapy dog teams to visit facilities and provide Canine Assisted Therapy for individuals experiencing physical, mental, emotional or life challenges in care facilities, schools for children with special needs, child custody court, abused women’s shelters, missions and veteran groups. The teams also participate in our own P.E.T.S. program which hosts field trips from schools to our facility for children to interact and participate in Canine Assisted Reading Enhancement for improved reading skills.

    Our support efforts also extend to Search & Rescue disaster relief missions throughout the nation including Hurricanes Gustov, Katrina, Rita and the wild fires of Southern California.



    Operation Rescue, Rehab and Re-Home is our foundational program of rescuing

    dogs from the shelter system, taking them through a rehabilitation program by

    providing housing, necessary medical care, basic obedience training, behavioral

    adjustments and socialization; and placing them in their forever home.

    The Training Program provides basic obedience training as a part of our

    rehabilitation process prior to adoption. We believe that properly trained dogs,

    when given the proper behavioral skills in a home environment, are more

    adoptable and have a very high probability of remaining in their permanent home

    as a valued family member.


    The Training Program allows NLOL to proactively address these issues by first providing

    the dog with the proper quality of training and then providing the adopters with

    the necessary knowledge, skills, tools and continuous support to achieve success with their

    new best friend. We strongly encourage obedience training after adoption and a continuous
    maintenance regiment as a proactive measure to recognize and circumvent
    behavioral issues before they reach unbearable frustration and inevitably
    the return or abandonment of the dog. This contradictory cycle yields an older,
     disoriented and un-adoptable dog in need of extensive behavioral training 
    and a low probability of adoption.


    The Lend A Paw (LAP) Program provides trained and certified assistance and therapy

    dogs to enhance the lives of individuals experiencing physical, mental, emotional or

    life challenges. Additionally, Lend a Paw volunteer handler and Therapy Dog teams 

    regularly visit special needs schools, nursing homes and other care facilities to

    provide healing for the patients and students. This program also offers a benefit

    to the animal overpopulation problem by utilizing mixed breed dogs rescued from

    local shelters instead of relying on additional breeding to produce certified therapy dogs.


    The Pet Education Trainers (P.E.T.S.) Program is dedicated to humane education

    and focuses on teaching children about animal awareness, care and safety, ownership

    responsibility andincludes a literacy assistance program where children build their reading

    skills and confidence by reading to our dogs. Early education directly lends itself to saving the

    lives of animals as children are made aware of the pet overpopulation problem and

    how they can contribute to the solution. The PETS program was relaunched in 

    2014 and now offers schools one time or scheduled field trips to the NLOL ranch

    where children expierience first hand the concept of animal rescue and interact with 

    rescue dogs and certified Therapy Dogs.


    The Mobile Pet Adoption (MPA) Program seeks to expand community awareness

    of New Leash on Life and the dogs we have available for adoption. Each week

    dogs and volunteer handlers visit various locations throughout the area, and we

    often collaborate with other rescue groups for greater impact. The MPA Program

    allows NLOL to place more dogs with adoptive families which in turn allows us to

    rescue more from the shelters.


    The Senior Sanctuary Program provides permanent housing, care and necessary

    medical monitoring for senior canines who are highly unlikely to be placed in an

    adoptive home. NLOL does not discriminate in its rescue efforts. We do not seek

    to only rescue those dogs who seem the most highly adoptable, but also those

    that have been deemed “hard to place” due to their age, medical conditions or

    behavioral issues. Sometimes these precious pets need special medical care,

    experienced handling or simply are seniors. Some of our seniors have been

    fortunate to be adopted or to be placed in foster homes and their foster families

    have graciously decided to incur the cost of their medical treatment.

    We don't give up on them!


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