Lend a Paw on a Mission

    The Los Angeles Mission exists to provide help, hope and opportunity to men, women, and children in need.

    As one of its graduates said: "I'm not hungry anymore, I'm not empty anymore. I've changed from the inside out."

    For those of us in animal rescue there’s a resonant echo of our own calling.  How perfect for the Lend A Paw dogs to reach out in service to this community.

    On Saturday evening February 8th at the Anne Douglas Center for Women Barbara Sulier and Cody, Lisa Erving and Cinder, and Sharon Fox and Gabi were honored with the Volunteer Award by the L.A. Mission. It read:                               

    You teach kindness, love and not to fear…

    You bless the lives of the children

    Instructing and guiding them with wisdom and knowledge,

    Generously and faithfully you share your time and skill…

    The warmth and appreciation of the staff, graduates, alumni, and volunteers was evident as the dogs made their way through the audience to accept their award and greet their friends. (Of course the dogs were mostly looking for the children!)

    Every third Saturday LAP Teams come to the Mission to spend time with the children while their mothers restock with needed food and clothing for the family. The ladies who live and work at the center also leave what they’re doing to visit the dogs!

    New Leash On Life is is so proud of the extraordinary work accomplished by Lend A Paw. Congratulations to you all… Especially the L.A. Mission volunteers.

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