Spaying and Neutering


    If you are not sure about whether to spay or neuter your pet, please read the following information:

    Misconceptions contribute to animal overpopulation.  Every hour in the United States, more than 2,000 dogs and 3,500 cats are born compared to 415 humans.  THERE ARE JUST NOT ENOUGH HOMES.  

    People give many reasons why they want to allow their dog to reproduce.

    I know I can find a good home for my pet’s litter. 
    That may be, but remember that the homes you find mean that there is that many fewer homes for shelter dogs. Additionally, only 1 in every 10 puppies finds a permanent home.  That means your puppy might be tossed from home to home, abandoned on the streets, or given up to a shelter.  Yes, even Golden Retrievers and other popular breeds!

    But spaying and neutering make pets lazy. 
    This is not true.  You are responsible for making sure your pet eats right and gets the proper amount of exercise.

    I want my children to see the miracle of birth. 
    Since your kids will most likely miss the delivery, use books or films to teach about the miracle of birth.

    I don’t think it’s right to keep my pet from having a litter. 
    Spaying or neutering not only helps solve the pet overpopulation, it protects your pet from many health problems. 

    I have a male dog so I'm not having any litters and adding to the overpopulation problem.. 
    An intact male can smell a female in heat up to two miles away.  And trust us, he's going to want to go find a girlfriend!  As a result, most unneutered males roam... and over 80% of the dogs dead on the road are intact males.  In addition, they are at a very high risk to get cancer.  So even if having an intact male seems like the macho thing to do, having a healthy dog that lives a long, happy life is more important!


    You may be tempted to breed your dog simply because it's a popular breed... or you think your dog is so great, you should pass those genes on!

    Even the most popular breeds are abandoned and given up and found homeless on the streets and in the shelters.  There is a breed rescue for every breed out there... so obviously even purebreds are abandoned.  There is no reason to become a "backyard" breeder.  There are plenty of breeders in the world.  Focus your attention and love on the dog you do have and in keeping that dog happy and healthy without adding more puppies to the world.


    Many myths surround spaying and neutering.  Unfortunately, these myths often discourage people from having the surgery performed on their animals.   It is critical that we fight these misconceptions with the facts.  The lives of dogs and cats depend on it! 

    MYTH: Preventing Animals from Having Litters Is Unnatural
    FACT: We've already interfered with nature by domesticating dogs and cats.  In doing so we helped create dog and cat overpopulation. We must now take responsibility for solving it.

    MYTH: It is Better To Allow Your Female To Have One Litter Before She is Spayed.
    FACT: The best time to spay your female is before her estrous cycle.  Early spaying (as young as 8 weeks) greatly reduces the incidence of mammary tumors and prevents other health problems.

    MYTH: A Female Dog Or Cat Only Comes Into Heat Once A Year 
    FACT: Female dogs come into heat twice a year and female cats come into heat three times a year.  Cats are spontaneous ovulators, meaning the female does not go out of heat until she is bred.  This assures fertile mating and also explains why we have such a serious overpopulation of cats.  Cats can actually become pregnant while nursing their young.


    An Animals Behavior Is Adversely Affected By Surgery
    FACT: The only changes in behavior are positive ones.  Male cats tend to reduce territorial spraying, depending upon their age at neutering.  Neutered dogs and cats fight less, resulting in fewer battle scars, contagious diseases and abscesses.  Males also wander less because they aren't as interested in pursuing females in heat.  Also free of the urge to mate, dogs and cats tend to be more content and calmer.  Neutered pets are easier to live with.

    MYTH: Animals Become Fat and Lazy After Spaying or Neutering
    FACT: In some dogs and cats appetite does increase following the surgery.  However, guardians over-feeding them, and not providing enough exercise usually causes weight gain.

    MYTH: We don't need to Neuter Males Because They Aren't The Ones Having The Litter
    FACT: It takes two to tango.  In fact, an unaltered male can be responsible for impregnating dozens of females.

    MYTH: Female Dogs And Cats That are Pregnant Or In Heat Cannot be Safely Spayed
    FACT: Many dogs and cats are spayed while pregnant, to prevent birth of puppies or kittens.  Most vets will spay female cats while they are in heat, and some will spay female dogs in heat.

    MYTH: Spaying/Neutering Is Too Expensive
    FACT: Spay/Neuter saves money!  The cost is generally less than most major surgeries, such as the vet care required to repair animal fight injuries, or preventable cancers.  This is especially true of young healthy animals.  Many area have low-cost spay/neuter clinics or programs in which vets perform spaying/neutering at a reduced fee.  Check the Angel Dogs Foundation Mobile Pet Clinic Calendar for a clinic in your are.




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