The note reads "THIS SHELTER DOG RESCUED THIS FAMILY" by Gwen/s adoptive family. Gwen was surrendered to the shelter system. She was rescued, trained and matched to serve a boy with PTSD as an ESA(Emotional Support Animal). Look for future posts about the story of Gwen's journey and incredible achievements with the family and the transformation of the boy.


LAP Therapy Dogs uplift spirits or create calm

Lend A Paw Therapy Dogs visit the children at Edelman Children's Custody Court; an LA County Superior Court that addresses the destiny of the children in the County foster care system and group homes who spend an entire day at this large and beautiful facility with a myriad of activities and supervision. When Lend A Paw Therapy Dog teams arrive, they change the energy by uplifting spirits or providing a calming effect. Pictured is Holly at work.


Lend A Paw Therapy Dogs pose after a therapy visit to Aegis Senior Living and Memory Center. The residents look forward to these visits and the dogs are happy to oblige and bring joy and happiness and keep them engaged during the visit.

From left: Rudy, Maverick, Bailey and Holly


Rudy is a prime representative of​ how the Lend A Paw program utilizes homeless mixed breed rescues to serve as therapy dogs. Rudy and his two siblings as four week old puppies were rescued roadside in Antelope Valley and 4-6 weeks later they were adopted by loving families as pets. Rudy's handler chose to share the endless love given by this gentle giant and enrolled in the Lend A Paw therapy dog program where Rudy now enjoys a second purpose as they give back as a team. 


HOLLY works 2 jobs

Holly is a Lab mix who is very serious about maintaining a purpose. During the week Holly accompanies her handler, who is an educator, to school for children with special needs and on weekends Holly volunteers with her handler with Lend A Paw as a Therapy Dog visiting more children, adults and seniors to provide canine assisted therapy.  You go girl!


Bailey is a stunning Golden Retriever who is very good at his job as a Therapy Dog.  During his 7 year service as a certified Therapy Dog with Lend A Paw Therapy Dogs, this BIG boy has also mastered the art of posing for a photo and to lend a paw. Bailey and his handler also serve as a crisis response team.


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